Yasmin Rehmanjee

Partner and Co-Director, Buro Happold

Yasmin Rehmanjee, PE, SE, LEED AP, is a noted structural engineer at Buro Happold, widely viewed as a preeminent global voices in innovative structural design. Her nearly two decades of experience in the building industry encompasses projects in the U.S., Middle East, and Asia, and in typologies as diverse as entertainment, commercial development, higher education, and healthcare.

Rehmanjee is an innovator, leading the multidisciplinary engineering teams for some of Buro Happold’s most iconic projects. She is not afraid of tackling challenges never solved before, such as leading the structural design of the world’s first oculus-shaped operable roof at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta (with architect HOK). Yet, she balances that visionary innovation with rigorous practice, keeping a strict eye toward maintaining project schedules and budgets as well as realizing her client’s vision. Her skill at driving forward the field of structural engineering is not the only thing that makes her a leader. A partner at Buro Happold, Rehmanjee also serves as the New York Co-Office Director, where she is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the North American team. A passionate advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, she also leads the Equity Committee of the firm’s North America Board, using her influence to ensure continuous progress to better reflect the varied cultures, communities, and clients it serves. Rehmanjee is passionate about encouraging the next generation of engineers: She serves as a mentor to many of Buro Happold’s young engineers and has taught or lectured at institutions including the MIT, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Yale University, and Syracuse University School of Architecture. For her boundary-pushing structural engineering and her devotion to creating a more inclusive and supportive engineering field and built environment, Rehmanjee is a strong candidate for the Spotlight Award.