Warwick Court Delivery Team

Mari Samuelsen - Lead Project Architect, Fletcher Priest Architects

Associate Mari Samuelsen leads Fletcher Priest’s Warwick Court delivery team. The predominately female team includes Riddhi Parakh, Project package lead; Alexandra Antonescu, project architect; and Seetul Ghattaora, Egke Chint and Prakash Varsani who managed the interface between interior and architecture providing an integrated and coordinated approach.

Partner and Interiors Lead Amanda Baldwin advised on interior design and strategy with knowledge of potential tenants’ needs, informing CatA to CatB interfaces. The interior designers included Elizabeth Lawson, Alice Reed who developed the interior approach in line with the architectural vision. The project is overseen by Partner Ed Williams. Mari Samuelsen – Associate and Project Architect Mari joined Fletcher Priest in 2010. Mari enjoys working on complex and innovative projects in a range of typologies, bringing her well-rounded expertise in leading design teams and coordinating with the wider construction team from inception to completion. She is leading the predominantly female delivery team on Warwick Court, supporting them in their professional development within the practice and the industry. Amanda Baldwin – Partner and Interiors Lead Amanda works in many sectors building including repositioning, workplace, hospitality, residential, government, transport & education. She works across scales and diverse sectors from professional service firms to technology & coworking. She was named the best interior designer at the Women in Construction Industry Europe Awards in 2018. Amanda catalyses teams inside and outside the office. A strong leader and a design mentor, she inspires junior designers, seeking innovations whilst challenging conventional thinking. Riddhi Parakh – Senior Package Leader Riddhi joined the delivery team working on RIBA 4/5 stage of the project and is currently leading the external cladding, and terraces packages. She worked on multiple hospitality projects across the globe as well as HMRC regional headquarters in Cardiff while at her previous practice. Alexandra Antonescu – Project Architect Alexandra has worked on the Warwick Court Project since joining Fletcher Priest in January 2020. She played a key part in the production of construction documentation and design coordination with the design team. She is pivotal to the delivery of the project, liaising closely with the contractor to ensure a high-quality result. Seetul Ghattaora – Architect and Interior Designer Seetul joined Fletcher Priest in2017 and has been involved in Warwick Court from RIBA stage 2 design. She leads key internal packages on the project, from early stages through to construction, building on her previous experience from 135 Bishopsgate, a similar refurbishment project in the City. Using her eye for detail and artistic skills, Seetul added value in the building’s staircases with her bespoke art solution. Elizabeth Lawson – Interior Designer Elizabeth joined Fletcher priest in 2020. This was her first project with the practice, and she used her expertise to develop an interior concept that aligned with the architectural vision. She is skilled in the concept development, finishes, and furniture. Alice Reed – Interior Designer Alice had been at Fletcher Priest since 2018 and her technical design skills and attention to detail helped the team to take a highly collaborative and cohesive approach to interior and architectural interfaces.