Suchi Reddy

Principal and Founder, Reddymade

Originally from Chennai, India, Suchi Reddy is a New York-based architect and artist who believes in the power or space and emotion. The strong belief that good design, calibrated carefully to the human, positively influences wellbeing, creativity, and productivity informs all her projects from conception to details. She founded her practice, Reddymade, in 2002 to promote a human-centric approach to design, built on the idea that our experiences in the built environment shape not just our world but affect us down to our biology.

The guiding principle of the firm is “form follows feeling,” a design ethos informed by neuroaesthetics, the study of the effects of spatial, sensory, and aesthetic experiences on our brains and bodies. Whether it is through architecture and design projects or public installation art and sculpture, Reddy is dedicated to celebrating diversity and equality. Her work is aimed at most directly impacting how we experience our everyday environments so as to make our world one that engenders wellbeing, creativity and agency. Reddy’s projects often explore what our power is as designers and the responsibility of our built surroundings. How can architecture be a tool for equity, empathy, and inclusion? Most recently, her work has explored the potential of humanizing technology as it intersects with our everyday experience. By weaving together human wisdom and intelligent technology through design, can we shape a positive future of coevolution? In 2019, Reddy was appointed the Plym Distinguished Professor at the University of Illinois School of Architecture, Urbana-Champaign, where her work focused on contemporary architectural experience through the lens of neuroaesthetics, neurophenomenology, and sensory design. She sits on the boards of the Design Trust for Public Space, Storefront for Art and Architecture, and Madame Architect; she is a member of the Dean’s Board of Advisors at Detroit Mercy School of Architecture.