Noor Marji

Noor Marji is a multi-award winning architect from Amman, Jordan. Graduated first in Major with a BSc in Architecture from the German Jordanian University in 2016, and has received multiple international and regional awards for various architectural works, as well as nominated for women architects of outstanding achievement in the architectural field in the rising star category by the Tamayouz International Award of Excellence, being the youngest Arab female to receive such honors.

Noor has worked at the King Hussein Foundation community development program as an architect and business development specialist, and has recently received her Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, receiving the Scottish Town and Country Planning award for best dissertation in the field of spatial planning.

Miss Marji is an advocate for the architect's role as a social reformer and her architectural works carry messages for creating equal and inclusive environments in developing Middle Eastern countries, seeking to represent voiceless marginalized groups to provide them with a ray of hope for a better future through the medium of human-centered architecture and design.