Maliha Haque

Associate, LOM architecture and design

Maliha Haque is a British Bangladeshi architect

and an associate at LOM architecture and design. Through her work and personal commitments, Maliha is championing a more inclusive, diverse and fairer industry. Enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable about architecture and interior design, she works closely with University of East London, various charitable programmes such as OpenCity, Blueprintforall and No Building As Usual, and individuals who seek her advice, offering training and mentoring to encourage emerging female architects to fulfil their potential. She does this tirelessly, balancing all this with her role at LOM and spearheading change within the business and the wider industry. Credentials: 2018 – Mentor for Open City Architecture in Schools 2018 – Open jury panel member as an ex-alumni student of University of East London reviewing portfolios 2018-2019 – Mentor for Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust (now called 2019 – 2020 RIBA Architecture Ambassador 2018 – Present Judging panel for RIBA London student awards (as part of RIBA SELA Group) 2019 – Mentor for Open City Architecture in Schools 2021 – Mentor for Ardagh Young Creatives mentoring programme with the Design Museum 2021 – Mentor for No Building As Usual (NBAU) summer programme 2021 – Mentor for Open City Architecture in Schools 2021 – Mentor for Built by Us FLUID programme 2021-2022 – Mentor for Open City Accelerate programme