Jenny Scherrer

Partner, Jaspers-Eyers Architects

Jenny Scherrer was born in Strasbourg, France, in 1980. She studied at the Ecole d'Architecture de Strasbourg and at the Saint Lucas School of Arts in Brussels. In addition to her Architect DPLG diploma, she pursued her studies with a Master in Modelling and simulation of Built spaces at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Since joining the Jaspers-Eyers Architects team, she has met many challenges by working on diverse projects. Jenny has been involved, as a project architect, in some of Jaspers-Eyers’ most high-profile projects. Thanks to her perseverance and determination, she has gone through all the different stages of the architectural process, from the design to the execution of projects, as comfortable in front of a drawing board as on a building site or interacting with clients. Through the years she has distinguished herself by her extraordinary capacity to pull off complex ecological projects, coordinating large teams and putting everyone’s best abilities to good use. She is a dedicated professional, but never loses sight of the so important human aspect. Her most demanding project so far has been her latest one. For five intense years, Jenny has been the lead architect of the new headquarters of one of Europe’s largest banking companies. Beyond having supervised the completion of that complex project with a strong identity, it is clearly for her the exceptional collective energy that will remain and that was so rewarding. Today she wants to put her experience to good use towards her passions and helping causes close to her heart, for which she will invest herself more and more in the coming years. She wishes to highlight what kind of changes are needed in our practices and way of living to hugely improve our impact on our environment through our professional and daily routines.