Ivana Stanisic


Housing has always been the focus of my attention as the most important place in people's lives. It is an element of architecture where I feel the design can make the most difference. The building, as well as the place surrounding it, plays a huge part in the quality of life and well-being of the very people who go on to inhabit the space and call it their home.

I studied and graduated in Serbia before moving to the UK after finishing my Part 2. From my heritage, I carry a strong influence of how equality in society is supported with equality in housing. During the second half of the twentieth century, most of Yugoslavia�s population got to purchase their own property at discounted prices from the government. It meant that people, regardless of their family�s income, had a home they called their own which their family could adapt to suit their needs. This programme is long gone now but the equality in the society still resonates.

Moving to the UK, it was interesting to learn about housing across the country. I believe there is a world of opportunity to design communities and homes that are attainable and suitable for everyone, regardless of socio-economic background.

I have worked hard to merge my love for housing and desire to design high-quality homes with promoting social sustainability and diverse communities. One of my key interests is the flexibility and adaptability of homes to ensure the homes we build today will stand the test of changing circumstances and future ways of living. The connection between accessible and multigenerational homes, nature, landscape and tenure blind designs are some other aspects of my work that I am most proud of and where I feel my work has made a difference so far.