Hazel Rounding

Managing Director, shedkm

shedkm has its roots in socially responsive design. Hazel has been with the practice for 25 years since its inception, working on pioneering, award-winning projects which have transformed urban placemaking in the UK.

Hazel has overseen shedkm's growth and opened its second London studio. She became MD in 2020, a natural evolution of her role, and an acknowledgment of her natural leadership qualities by the close ensemble of fellow practice directors. She leads on market-led schemes which are both commercially viable and which create attractive, accessible places to improve the quality of life for those living and working in them. The recently completed Circus Street, an ambitious and inclusive new neighbourhood in Brighton for U+I, is emblematic of her approach to placemaking, specific to, and inspired by, its location. Hazel champions the practice’s internal One Practice ethos and culture, providing design leadership to ensure the ongoing quality of outputs, whilst nurturing a supportive internal culture with opportunity and inclusion at its heart. Staff at shedkm value highly the practice’s ‘family culture’, which Hazel has worked hard to maintain despite significant growth. She has taken a lead in mentoring, particularly women, in both architectural teams and in the support roles, encouraging growth and autonomy. This has included mentoring shedkm Associate Helen Misselbrook in her first role as Design Guardian, leading on Circus Street. Hazel is a founding member of Placemaking Collective UK, a multi-disciplinary collective. Hazel’s own approach to placemaking is underpinned by her commitment to collaboration, and her belief that a successful project combines an initial visionary, with a wide mix of personalities and disciplines. Hazel leads this collective through both valuing contribution and encouraging responsibility. Her approach combines a traditional role of architect as lead consultant and project champion, with awareness of the profession’s social responsibility to drive engagement and collaboration. She recently assisted her client in running a shortlisted architectural competition for a large masterplanning site in Wandsworth with a firm belief that the eventual place will be richer as a result of including a variety of architects in its creation. Her approach to the recent National Museums Liverpool competition for Canning Dock was to curate a team comprising professionals, engagement consultants and artists, embedding public consultation into the process itself and the initial briefing for design interpretation. Hazel is a passionate communicator of ideas, lecturing widely at architecture schools and holding an external examining position at Liverpool University. A regular contributor to industry panels, she has been listed in the Top 100 Property People by Place North West. Hazel grew up in the North East and believes that the values of a working class city have informed her inclusive approach, challenging assumptions and championing access. Her work exemplifies her commitment to an architecture which facilities transformational change, designing and delivering schemes which are both commercially viable and create social value for wider communities. She is proud to have been able to make the contribution that she has as part of a strong supportive assemble that is shedkm.