Elisabeth Rüthnick

Architect, SSP Rüthnick Architekten GmbH

Elisabeth Rüthnick started working as an architect after graduating in architecture from the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Bremen, Germany, in 1979.

In May 1989, she founded the office Rüthnick Architekten in West Berlin. Since then, she and her partners have realized over a hundred building projects for public and private clients. Over the years of her activity, she has become specialized and committed especially in the areas of monument preservation. Ms. Rüthnick is committed to preserving historic buildings while emphasizing their current use. She sees historic preservation as a contribution to building culture. For her, through the care of historic structures in settlements and buildings, craftsmanship techniques and the building history remain alive and comprehensible. This also contributes to the citizens' identification with their city. A monument bears witness to the past and shapes its surroundings for generations to come. Ms. Rüthnick takes a positive approach to historic preservation and tries to strike a balance between the historic substance and new architecture. An interaction between old and new is particularly encouraged. In this way, history becomes visible in the building and in the cityscape. It is therefore not only concerned with historic preservation and the elimination of structural deficits, but also with further development of modern usage requirements. Elisabeth Rüthnick has been working as an architect for over 40 years and inspires young architects of tomorrow to leave a sustainable mark on the appearance of our cities and rural areas by paying special attention to existing buildings.