Beatriz Olalla


Beatriz is an architect and has been developing her professional career in IDOM for over 20 years. She is now a partner of IDOM and the mother of 3 children. She happily reconciles her family life and her passion for architecture. She has collaborated in large-scale projects, such as the Warner Bros Madrid Theme Park, the interior design and implementation of the new Banco Santander offices in the Financial City of Boadilla del Monte in Madrid or the interior design and implementation of the new offices for the multinational DHL in the 2 offices in Madrid-Barajas. She has taken charge of the design and works supervision of the UPM Technological Center in Madrid. She has worked on several projects for the UN, the feasibility study for the realization of its headquarters in Geneva, and the comprehensive reform project for its headquarters in Bangkok (Thailand). She has managed Projects for the New Campus of Red Electrica de Espana in Madrid. She is currently undertaking the Comprehensive reform of the New Finanzauto headquarters in Madrid, as well as the drafting of the designs and the Project Management of the Banco Santander Building Works in Santander. In most of these projects, a balance has been achieved between innovative design in which materials with a positive impact on the environment have been used, and the incorporation of new technologies, which have allowed us to reduce energy consumption in buildings. to achieve buildings with almost zero consumption, promoting the use of renewable energies, such as geothermal energy or the accumulation of thermal energy in high inertia construction elements. In the projects of IDOM, insulation of all the envelop is improved and green roofs and shading elements on the facade are used to reduce the thermal demand of the buildings.