Anthology Australia Workplace


Anthology is a female owned international design studio, established to be an employment leader in the industry for women whilst embracing a strong attitude to work-life balance. The practice has organically attracted an all female staff base, not by choice, but more by word of mouth that Anthology offers a fresh perspective on how to build a career and business whilst celebrating women. Equal pay, maternity pay, a 5th additional week of annual leave and bonuses are all part of the contract at Anthology. Following her own struggle to manage a career and life with a baby as a single mother, Anthology is built via the passion from Director Sarah Townson to provide a platform for women and mothers to excel and grow at work. In turn we believe we are seeing leading design work in the market, have very happy clients and staff. The focus on the personal makes the professional practice stronger. Anthology is driven by heart and soul combined with a passion for leading design.