Alda Capi

Architect, AÇA

Alda Çapi is an Albanian-American licensed Architect and founder of AÇA, an architecture and design practice working across borders, project types, and scales. AÇA’s work threads the needle between pragmatic, innovative, and poetic design. The studio is creative, agile, and dedicated. The work strives for design excellence through projects that improve the quality of life and psyche of its users.

AÇA’s latest projects reframe the architecture of the work-live-socialize environments by reimagining programmatic relations, spatial typologies, and the relation of architecture to the exterior environment. Our contemporary condition: the effects of the pandemic lockdowns, the climate emergency, the housing crisis in dense cities, and the technological revolution have highly influenced the design thinking of the practice. Working, shopping, and learning activities are no longer dependent on dedicated spaces and can happen efficiently anywhere and at any time, even from the comfort of our homes. Home has become more than shelter; a mixed-use environment able to accommodate our modern-day demands and advancements. Alda received her Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Her work at Harvard GSD was nominated for the Thesis Award and was honored with Distinctions in several Design Studios. Alda received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree from Lawrence Technological University, Summa Cum Laude, and was honored with the Edward Donley Distinguished Graduate Award as the top graduate of the University. With years of experience on award-winning residential, office, commercial, and institutional projects, Alda brings design excellence to her practice. The work has been published on various platforms. The most recent recognitions include the 2021 AIA SF Merit Award and the 2021 RTF GADA First Place Award.